Sarah Barton, President

Sarah Barton works with groups in physical, social, political, financial and metaphoric arenas. She has over 30 years of experience in project management and strategic planning. Active engagement of project stakeholders is a hallmark of Sarah’s work to deliver capital projects, community networks and enhanced institutional credibility. She is known for her clarity of vision and compelling ability to communicate across technical and public arenas.

Sarah led strategic facilitation and community-building efforts for a wide range of groups from 5,000 New Yorkers working to rebuild the World Trade Center after 9/11, to onsite work with AIDS orphanages in Malawi and Kenya, and infrastructure development in the circumpolar North. She served as project manager for many Alaskan projects including the Anchorage Museum, the Anchorage Airport, the Alaska Deep Draft Arctic Ports System Study, and regional transportation planning. She has been a consultant with the Foraker Pre-Development Program for cultural institutions.

Sarah holds an MA and a BA in Art History and Art from Temple University. She also attended Swarthmore in undergraduate Zoology, and holds certification in mediation from the National Public Law Institute. She attended Stanford’s Executive Training in Innovation.

Sarah serves as a Senior Fellow with Institute of the North and recently co-facilitated "Alaska and the New Maritime Arctic". She is active in Alaskan policy with the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Commonwealth North, Northern Forum, Alaska Humanities Forum and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. She is Chair of the UAA University Honors College Advisory Board,and VP for the Cook Inlet Historical Society. Sarah was formerly Executive VP with RISE Alaska/ARCADIS, and Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs for the Municipality of Anchorage, Capital Projects Office.

Joseph Davis, Vice-President

Joseph Davis consults in the fields of business, education, and technology. Currently he consults and teaches community economic development in rural Alaska, with a focus on e-commerce and local sustainability.

Joseph is an active Rotary International member, currently organizing the October 2014 Rotary presentation and workshop at Arctic Circle in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has participated in Rotary as President of the Nome Rotary Club, Board Member in Anchorage, and District-level communications project lead. Joseph initiated the RotaryLife website to expand public awareness of Rotary projects district-wide.

Joseph lived for 20 years in rural Alaska, working with small business ventures and teaching kindergarten through college. He is trained in bilingual cross-cultural education with a BA from Sheldon Jackson College. His interdisciplinary education experience includes telecommunications, photography, journalism, radio, music, ventriloquism, carpentry and mechanics.

Joseph is expert in international telecommunications, developing school technology platforms for rural communities. He volunteered with Solace International as a teacher in Afghanistan to install satellite systems and computer labs, develop curricula and deliver training to public schools. He was an Apple Forum Consultant for America Online, supervising the “Bering Bridge”, Russian/Former Soviet Union Board. Joseph founded and managed the Soviet American School Network.

Committed to sustainability and the need for technology in education, Joseph served as a Teacher and Computer Specialist for AIDS Orphanages in Malawi and Kenya, Africa. This project developed the internal capacity to operate a community Internet Café as a local micro-enterprise supporting online services for the school’s computer laboratory. Subsequently, he has worked with urban and rural Alaska Native communities to cultivate local art and culture, and develop entrepreneurial teams for economic development. This work included the Bristol Bay Native Association Vision project, the UA Institute for Social and Economic Research Rural Outreach Programs in Education (ROPE), and e-commerce training for 60+ rural Alaska villages.

Community engagement has included mentoring for Covenant House Rites of Passage, Cub Scout Leader for Pack 98, Arctic Winter Games Russian translation coordinator, People First website, Anchorage and Nome Rotary, KNOM and Jesuit Volunteer. Joseph currently serves on the Alaska State Broadband Task Force. He was instrumental in partnering with a local telecom to secure a federal USDA grant bringing broadband to the small community of Glacierview in Interior Alaska.